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Monday, 17 May 2010 11:59

I started working on a cross platform panel interface like pyvcp for the Enhanced Machine Controller... It's late hear and everyone likes photos so here they are..



Drop pieces where you want them... so far just the led and text readout. Enter the hal_variable to watch in the property editor..


Connect all the items so they get updated..


Then you can preview it right in designer... and it all works...


Much more work... here is the source if you want it. to look at it... I am going to change the design so you don't even have to connect the items...


Source is available here... I made some major changes before the inital commit to the way updates will be provided to the widgets.. so it's not going to work as shown above... but check back..




Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 May 2010 10:21

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