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Written by Cliff Blackburn   
Friday, 12 April 2013 05:14

Well I got the water jacket built and installed, successfully this time. There is enough isolation from the water jacket the HV doesn't want jump across the water instead of the tube, finally!
The mirrors in this design are steady and hold there alignment from one startup to the next, awesome!

The last step of this project is to build a power supply for it. I am planning on building a switch mode supply which will takes an analog input 0-10V for output control. I'm not sure where to obtain a suitable transformer for this and will probably have to wind my own. Sounds like fun! I haven't decided on the design yet but was thinking of using a center tapped primary winding and driving it

I thought about just buying a ready to go power supply for it off ebay. But that would defeat the purpose of this project, "To learn from your failures and have fun while doing it". I also plan on mounting it to my CNC table once complete.




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