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Written by Cliff Blackburn   
Saturday, 01 December 2012 10:00

Well I finally got back at the laser.. this time a (hopefully) improved design.

On previous attempts I had issues with the mirror alignment remaining constant. So in this version I took a few design ideas from an industrial laser I have been working on and applied them. Here is what I have completed so far.


20121129 083140


Having a CNC router now has allowed me to manufacture parts such as the laser head mounts much easier. I still have to manufacture the cooling jacket and test it all but I am far happier with the design this round.

Note: To anyone wishing to build their own laser from scratch I have a few words of knowledge after undertaking this project...

Never attempt to build a laser from scratch for any reason but fun and bragging rights... I assure you it is far easier, cheaper, faster to go on ebay spend few thousand on a sealed tube and power supply and be up and running reliably.

But for people like me who enjoy building something few people at home ever have, push on and giver shit


Here is a Video... sorry for the orentation. I'll film a better one soon.

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